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As a founding partner of one of the most successful law firms in San Diego, Ray J. Artiano, Esq. has developed well-regarded expertise in a broad range of labor and employment-related litigation matters involving private and public entities, including cities, municipalities, school and college districts, and hospital districts. Over the past 35 years, he has litigated over 750 employment matters and successfully tried over 40 cases in state and federal courts on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.

 As a mediator, Mr. Artiano’s experience representing both sides allows him to fairly evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of the parties’ positions in each case before him. He is known throughout the legal community as a proactive problem solver who offers unique solutions to complex and challenging issues.

Mr. Artiano has litigated employment matters for over three decades. He has represented employees and employers in both the private and public sectors. Due to the volume of matters handled, the following represents only a sample of the types of cases which he has litigated.

  • Pattern and practice case brought by EEOC pursuant to Title VII, sections 706 and 707, on behalf of a class of female employees against a supermarket chain. The suit alleged a sexually hostile environment and gender discrimination.

  • Dispute between hospital executive and public hospital claiming wrongful termination, state and federal whistleblowing claims on the basis of 42 U.S.C. § 1320a-7b (Anti-kickback), 42 U.S.C. § 1395nn (Stark Act), ADA Discrimination, FEHA violations, and employment-related torts.

  • Dispute between seven C-Suite executives against public hospital claiming wrongful termination, breach of contract, failure to provide due process (under state and federal law), and employment-related torts.

  • Dispute between police officers and public entity involving claims of whistleblowing, violation of state statutes and FEHA violations, including disability, failure to accommodate, sexual orientation, and employment-related torts.

  • Dispute between college coaches and public college claiming constructive termination, sexual orientation discrimination, gender discrimination, and retaliation based upon Title IX complaints.

  • Religious discrimination claim brought by a pharmacist against a private hospital that had terminated his contract.

  •  Claim of wrongful termination based upon national origin discrimination brought against international shipping company.

  • Multiple claims brought by private and public employees alleging discrimination based upon race involving wrongful termination, failure to hire, and failure to promote.

  • Multiple claims by private and public employees alleging discrimination and retaliation due to:



         National origin

         Sexual orientation




  • Multiple claims brought by employees against public entities involving constitutional issues such as federal and state due process violation and free speech.

  • Multiple lawsuits brought by employees against both private and public entities involving sexual harassment, hostile environment claims, contractual disputes, misclassification of employees, and violations of the Government Code.|

  • Multiple disputes involving non-competition agreements, commissions, stock options, misappropriation of trade secrets, and wage and hour violations.

  • Multiple lawsuits involving Education Code violations related to both public and private educational institutions.